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Community Development Ideas Egypt |CSR in Egypt | 360 Experiential Solutions:
360Solutions have worked with UN Women on giving the knowledge on how to train using experiential learning in the topics of personal and food hygiene as well as nutrition, some examples for the experiential learning methodology are Role playing , In-Class training and giveaways in order to reflect on the role play activities were made, as well as TOT sessions were held to adults onto 4 phases which were a) Training on the general Skills of trainer, b) Brief on the Nutrition Essentials, c) Training on the Experiential Learning Curriculum, d) Micro Training sessions where facilitators will practice delivering in.
360Solutions have worked with Care Foundation raising to help giving back to the community and the awareness for Syrian refugees regarding Social violence and abuse , also worked with raising the awareness of women ( in El Menya ) on personal hygiene , nutrition , behavior during pregnancy through medical lectures as well as giving the essential training needed for the women to make them become the providers and get them ready to take the approach to help out and reach other women by the methodology of teaching them the tools and means needed to make them able to provide the sufficient knowledge to other women in the community.
360Solutions have worked with Life Vision to Hold 10 basic life skills training, for the Job Business Center, throughout the lifetime of the project in the area of Ain Shams. Provide project participants with the information and basic skills necessary to increase their knowledge and make changes in their lifestyle, values, attitudes, behaviors and skills with a particular emphasis on those skills that are related to critical thinking and problem solving, self-management and communication and inter-personal skills that will lead them to a more productive and quality-focused life, while at the same time giving them more potential for gainful employment. At least 400 young men and women (ages 18-35) attend an average of 10
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21 Amarat Sharara, Nasr City 2nd floor, Apt #23 Cairo, Egypt.
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